This was an eventful day.

Here’s the link to the Crash Course we watched in class.

After taking notes on this presentation, students each drew a fortune cookie containing one of six quotes from the Founders. They divided into groups to complete the directions for the assignment: applying these quotes to what happened late in the Great Depression and through World War II.

After writing the responses on the board and presenting those findings to the class, I handed out the prompt for Essay #4. It’s your homework for the weekend, so get working on it. Here’s the prompt, in case you missed class.

Directions: Using the quote from your fortune cookie (or another of the six quotes provided) as the foundation for your essay, choose 2-3 topics from our class discussion to support your ideas and construct a 4-5 paragraph essay answering the following questions:

World War II pushed the United States in many new directions, both at home and worldwide. What would the Founders think of these new interests and issues? Would they support or oppose the directions taken by the U.S.? Why?

We talked about this prompt in depth today. I expect deep thinking and support with exact dates, people, places, events, etc. The more details you provide with your thinking, the better your grade will be. 25 points