Hopefully you have a pretty good understanding of what occurred from the US perspective during WWI. Here is the link to the video I showed in class about WWI’s legacy. We also discussed the Battle of Verdun and the role monuments play in war.

Here are the two possible prompts for your essay test on Tuesday. Don’t forget that document booklets #4-7 are also due in class. Good luck, and STUDY!

  1. “Men as communities are supreme over men as individuals.” Woodrow Wilson How does this quote apply to the progressive movement 1901-1920? Cite three separate examples of change orchestrated during this era that show how American society placed communities supreme over individuals. In your conclusion, support or oppose this approach.
  2. How did TR’s Roosevelt Corollary and the abandonment of the Monroe Doctrine lead to US involvement in WWI? Final paragraph: If we had followed the Monroe Doctrine, how would WWI have been different for the US?

Yes, I have decided which one I’m using. No, I won’t tell you.