Midterm schedule

  • Monday/Tuesday: 1. Ask questions about the study guide for the test. I will not be reviewing the entire packet with you, but you may come with specific questions. 2. Begin the class challenge portion of the test. In this class, that will center on collecting “the what.” There will is also a take-home assignment that will be due next class.
  • Wednesday/Thursday: 1. Written test. 2. Finish the class challenge, using the information collected in class and in the take-home assignment.

All four classes chose to complete the written test and the class challenge for the midterm. Study guides were passed out; these will not be graded, but there will be class time to ask a few clarifying questions during review next class period.

Class Challenge #4 focused on the document booklet and the relationship between the political and human perspectives of the Great Depression. If you missed class, here are the three videos I showed: