I hope you learned something new about your writing by grading your own essay. I will get them graded and return them first class of next week.

In class, I taught about the five primary reasons the US entered the Great Depression: 1) increased reliance on the stock market (buying “on margin,” 2) weakening economy but still rising market, 3) Black Tuesday and the aftermath, 4) overproduction and underconsumption, 5) that whole mess with loans to Europe. If you missed class, get these notes from someone–they aren’t in a presentation.

Classes then researched in the textbook for information regarding FDR’s Alphabet Agencies. Sheets filled out in class will be returned next time for a class challenge linking FDR’s approach to solving the problem with the more human side of the experience found in the document booklet.

If you missed FDR’s bio today, someone will have those notes for you.