Document booklets were due in class today, along with your assignment on the best and worst documents in your opinion.

We played two games–one long answer on the white boards that best reviewed for the self-government portion of the test. Kahoot helped with the written exam.

Then we discussed the documents by Lincoln. What was the purpose of the Emancipation Proclamation? How did the Gettysburg Address affect you personally? What do Lincoln’s writings say about him?

Hints for the tests next week:

  • Written exam is 48 questions, 32 multiple choice and 16 matching about the presidents. You can use your notes for the last three minutes of the test.  Best way to review for this test is your study guide and the memory game from 11/27. 50 points
  • Self-government, Part I is 40 points (15 individual and 25 group). You will be given the question in class. You are required to have your document booklet and presentation notes. If you come to class without them, you will automatically lose 10% of your grade for the day.
  • Essay test is 50 points and is just like the other prompts we’ve worked on all semester. Become familiar with Washington’s farewell address and the yellow handout from class. You will be allowed to use your document booklet on the test. Best way to review for this test is notes and familiarity with his address.
  • Self-government, Part II is 60 points (20 individual and 40 group). This will be a continuation of the question from Monday, but you will be required as a class to defend your positions.

Good luck, and I’ve enjoyed this semester with all of you. I can’t believe it’s almost over!