Here’s what you really want from today’s class, the prompt for the test:

Essay #1 Prompt

Regarding Reconstruction of the South and incorporation of freed slaves into American society, a Georgian newspaper reported, “”The future looks dark, and we predict that we are entering upon the greatest political contest that has ever agitated the people of the country—a contest in which we of the South must be for the most part spectators; not indifferent spectators, for it is about us that the political battle is fought. The issue is fairly joined.” Various approaches and ideas were presented during the Reconstruction era (1865-1877) to reunify the North and South and to find places in society for four million freed slaves. Some were successful. Others were failures. Some created solutions. Others created more problems than they solved.

What were the most influential solutions adopted during the Reconstruction era? In your   opinion, were these the best solutions available at the time? Explain your choices.

In 5 well-written paragraphs (intro/concl, 3 body paragraphs), fully explain your choices. In your first body paragraph, address the issue of whether Reconstruction was the responsibility of Congress or the President, using the Constitution to support your answer. Use at least 2 facts per paragraph.
We also did Grant’s bio if you missed it, and watched these two clips from Dead Poets’ Society. Remember–think for yourself on this test! And study–no notes!