Sorry I missed most of you for class. Food poisoning is a nasty experience, let’s just leave it at that. If your class was unable to watch both videos, here are the links:

Crash Course WWI

WWI History Channel

Hopefully your class had a good discussion on the provided questions. Here they are for your reference:

1.From Ehrlich’s article: What do you think of these statistics—35% of students said the 1st Amendment doesn’t protect hate speech; 30% of liberal students say 1st Amendment is outdated?

2.How does early 20th century progressive v. populist politics reflect that of the early 21st century? Give examples.

3.“It is of vital importance to notice, however, that liberty is not a natural right which belongs to every human being without regard to the state or society under which he lives. On the contrary, it is logically true and may be historically demonstrated that the state is the source of individual liberty. It is the state that makes liberty possible, determines what its limits shall be, guarantees and protects it.” Charles Merriam Does the United States give me liberty or allow me liberty? Explain.

4.“I believed in invoking the National power with absolute freedom for every National need.” T Roosevelt Give examples when TR did this. Do you agree?

5.“Men as communities are supreme over men as individuals.” W Wilson Opinion?

6.“I believe, for one, that you cannot tear up ancient rootages and safely plant the tree of liberty in soil which is not native to it. I believe that the ancient traditions of a people are its ballast; you cannot make a tabula rasa upon which to write a political program.” W Wilson Agree or disagree?