Welcome to American History!

I am Mrs. Denton, and I’m beyond excited to begin this history adventure with you!

What can you expect from this course? You’ve heard rumors, and you’re wondering if there’s any truth in them, right?

Full disclosure here: Those rumors contain some truth and some exaggeration. (I don’t want to use the terms “fiction” or “lie” because that wouldn’t be kind, would it?)

Truth: This course will be hard. It will be hard. You’ll learn how to dissect historical documents to find the most important information. You’ll participate in classroom discussions and debates to develop your unique opinion on events and issues. You’ll take essay tests and write papers to improve your written communication skills. You’ll watch dozens of online video presentations and take copious notes to learn how to process information. You’ll have homework almost every night to broaden your understanding of history. And you’ll demonstrate your knowledge of self-government through a year-long classroom simulation to stretch your understanding of freedom.

Hard, right? It is going to be hard work, and you will learn how to work hard.

Exaggeration: This course will be hard. Sure, but hard is a relative term, and to quote one of my favorite teachers, “Hard isn’t bad; it’s just hard.” Just because something is hard, that doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun, too. Over the course of the year, we will play tons of games to test your knowledge as you compete for fabulous prizes (that may or may not be a slight exaggeration). We will watch videos and movie clips and listen to music and apply them to our studies. We will work together to create a classroom environment where all voices can be heard. And I promise that your understanding of freedom, self-government, and American History will increase.

So, with that . . .

Are you ready for this?