Here are all the clips from the videos we watched in class, if you’d like to see some of the ones your class didn’t choose. See you later this week! nazi superweapons 6:00 firebombing Tokyo 3:00 Battle of Bulge 3:00 Battle of Okinawa 2:40 Iwo Jima 2:41 D Day invasion 3:06 Concentration camps 1:55 Concentration camp newsreel 6:23 liberation of Belsen 2:19 Truman announces Hiroshima 1:21 Hiroshima firsthand accounts 4:36 Battle of Stalingrad 2:28 War in Japan 3:00 statistics 18:00  Bataan Death March 2:29 Bataan Survivor 3:39 D Day 3:06 Stalin bio 4:04 Churchill bio 4:12 B24 shot down 1:16